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BSR_HiggsI have a new title to add to the list. I am the Director of Outreach for the Berkeley Science Review. Have you heard of the Berkeley Science Review? No? Well, that is why my newly created post exists. The Berkeley Science Review is a gorgeous magazine with well-written, fascinating content focused on recent scientific advances at the University of California, Berkeley and beyond. The magazine has been published every fall and spring semester since 2001. The Berkeley Science Review now regularly informs you of current science news via their blog, established in July 2010, Twitter and Facebook. Currently they print about 2,000 magazines per issue, and receive about 300 website views per day.

Why isn’t this good enough? The Berkeley Science Review is excellent, and more people should see it.

My broad goals are to increase awareness of the Berkeley Science Review by promoting the magazine and website, and to recruit people to participate in the creation and presentation of content.

-Running with the cool kids-

The Berkeley Science Review is created entirely by graduate students, from the writing and editing, to the art design and layout, to the website management and promotion. These are the cool kids: a group of exceptionally talented and intelligent people on the Berkeley campus who cannot confine their enthusiasm for science to the laboratory. If you are a Cal student interested in science communication, working for the Berkeley Science Review is a great, unintimidating way to get started. Most authors are scientists in training who have never written about science for a public audience. Authors pitch their stories and are paired up with a primary editor, who helps them brainstorm the article angle, ideas for who to interview or interesting sidebars to include. Every article is assigned to three editors, is discussed by all of the editors and undergoes at least three rounds of revision before being published. Due to this practice, both writers and editors get a lot of feedback and become better communicators. Another outlet for writing is the Berkeley Science Review blog. All of the blog posts are curated and edited by the blog editor. If you are interested in art design, the layout team is a great place to learn the basics and become familiar with using Adobe InDesign to create the beautiful final product.

Want to get involved? We could currently use more brilliant minds in the following categories:

  • Blog writers, podcasters, movie makers, and artists. We are just beginning to explore the possibilities of the Berkeley Science Review blog. We would love to start including video, animations, and podcasts. Blog writers are encouraged to pick their beat and focus on that topic, but there is a lot of freedom to explore. Some categories we would like to expand are from the field, research highlights, profiles of faculty and students, and events.
  • Experts in web design. The website is pretty good, but it could be great! It is also slow to load and this will be a problem when website traffic increases.
  • PR. Any business students interested in padding their resume and getting experience? Help us create relationships with media outlets and increase website traffic.
  • Outreach team. Attend science related events as a representative of the Berkeley Science Review and help us organize our own events. Keep the conversation going via social media.
  • Contact us to get involved now or join the mailing list to be informed of job openings and the call for pitches.

BSR_SwabbingforScienceI am excited. This new title fits, and I feel like I am moving in the right direction. I plan to take this post seriously. Having just taken on the role of Director of Outreach, I have a lot of thinking to do and action to take. As Robert Lee Hotz told us at the Santa Fe Science Writing Workshop, when embarking on a big project it is useful to find a guide. I will be talking to outreach experts and hopefully gaining some mentorship as I navigate this new venture. In addition, there has been a lot of great discussion about outreach recently. I will share any advice I come by and my thoughts on science outreach in later posts.

*image credits*
Hunting Down the Higgs
image: CERN
layout design: Helene Moorman

Swabbing for Science (about uBiome)
illustration: Asako Miyakawa
E coli photo: Stephanie Schuller (colorization: Asako Miyakawa)
data: NIH, Nature
layout design: Asako Miyakawa

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